All diets work. Until they don't.


Soooo, about nutrition...

If you feel frustrated with the information available and/or the number of diet options (*sigh* so many diets) seems endless – you would be right on with those feelings.

Go with that.

I hear you and am right there with you.

If you thought this post would be the answer to your nutrition goals - it so is!

The start of the answer anyway.

Here’s the thing: all those diets out there being advertised and sold as the latest and greatest – they'll help some people lose weight, get “healthy” however it is that they define health.


It may not help YOU lose weight.

That particular diet may not make YOU healthier.

I say this a lot:

“What are your goals?”

I ask for more specificity because there is an entire industry out there trying to get your attention, trying to get my attention.

Why do some diets work and not others?

Let's get real:

How do you see food? As fuel? A reward? A punishment?

Figuring this piece out will go a long way towards becoming successful with your goals.

This may not be an overnight answer either.

Give yourself grace because you may be coming back to this question on those times when you hit the speed bump, fall off the bandwagon, regress into old unhealthy goal destroying habits.

Say you want to lose those last ten pounds. What’s your plan for after you lose that weight? Are you ok with gaining it back?

Is the diet you considering trying sustainable – something you can do for the rest of your life? Is the diet or nutrition philosophy you’re considering one you can follow for the rest of your life?

All diets work. Until they don’t.

Educate yourself. Research. Do the work to make an informed decision about your food. Talk to trusted informed people in your life. It’s a lot trial and error.

Think on that for a bit.

This post is part of a series.


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