A Workout By Any Other Name...

...is still a workout.

Scaling, modifying and ALLLLLL the different words used to changing a program from its original format.

You call it scaling others (me included) call it Individualized Programming.

And, you're welcome.

Done right, and ain't that the kicker, modifying the day's program to meet your physical restrictions or limitations (what ever they may be) should end with the same results:

A great workout, where the person leaves feeling stronger, fitter - better than when they walked in the door.

Mission accomplished, coach.

After a prolonged absence of consistent workouts, coupled with a full time desk job, Jon has been eager to get back to working out regularly at the gym. Deservedly so since he's building said gym. In truth, we're both starting over - him from prolonged absence, me rebuilding that hamstring, I just scaled a my (already scaled) program to what I thought would be appropriate for Jon.

So, here we go!

That wasn't so bad! Below are some pre and post workout mobility that included:

Communicate. Observe.

OK, whoa.

Lesson learned: do not underestimate the power of the desk job to effect your mobility.

Well, we're 3-ish weeks into working out together 3-4 x a week. It's going great!


If one works at a desk full time and you aren't actively, consciously working on your mobility you're gonna need to cut yourself some serious slack until you movement is such that getting under a bar is going to be safe and successful for you. (BTW: I'm a real advocate for both safety and success being present)

You need to talk to your coach.

Let them know what's going on/how you're feeling.

If your gym's program isn't modified to account for all the tightness and poor movement patterns that result from your desk job or you're starting out/ starting over, injuries will likely result.

Don't be that member. Communicate with your coach.

Your ego will recover, I promise. I get it and I am so right there with you.


Modifying a program, for now, to accommodate where you're at today is a good thing! It's not meant to make you feel less-than.

It's setting you up for success today as you work towards stronger tomorrows.

Epilogue: front squats are ok but we put that bar on his back and all sorts of things were revealed that need sussing out. I'm sending him to Cross Function Sports Massage to find out how much of this is tightness, adhesions, etc. that we can (patiently) work with. See, nearly 4 weeks in and not under a bar but still progressing and gaining all sorts of knowledge (both him and me) along the way. You don't need a barbell to get strong!

Stay tuned...

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