Failure as Fortune

Careful how you tell someone you want them to fail.

Who wants that? Who even says that to someone else?! Well, I’m going to be figuring out how to say this and have the failure conversation more with others.

Before the last lift of my last Powerlifting meet my husband told me he wanted me to fail but, quickly followed those words up with the explanation that I had never really failed at lifting and thus, had yet to experience the work of coming back from failing.

Well, I failed that last lift but qualified for Nationals anyway.

He said, “That’s not what I meant.”

Life went on and so did training.

Then failure happened.

I torn my hamstring on a heavy squat day. It was a terrible sound and the result of…

Any number of things I could list after replaying the event in my head about a million times.

That was a few months and many physical therapy sessions ago.

I could still make it to Nationals but, as my Sports Med doc said, “Why go when you know you won’t be competing at your best and risk re-injury.”

I was 100% on board with that thought.

When I compete, I compete to win, to podium. Having fun while I’m there is a given. Meeting awesome people at the event – also a given. If I were to go to Nationals this year I would not be putting up competition numbers. And guess what, Nationals will be happening again next year, and the year after that, and the year after that…

In the mean time, I’ve embraced this opportunity.

This failure.

I soaked in all that I could at PT and really thought about how to approach my future training. And my thinking is different. Now, my training approach is different. While I have been discharged from the physical therapist my hamstring is definitely not competition ready. Soft tissue injuries take for-ev-er to heal so my best course of action:

  1. Rest, nutrition and recovery. Get serious about this trifecta that is often off balance in an athletes life compared to their actual in gym training.

  2. Weights are low and reps are high adjusting for how that hamstring is feeling that day. It’s a slow ramp up but I’ve already got a meet in my sights because: goals.

  3. Body work is a must. Mobility: smashing/rolling/etc is great but it’s just a bandaid to carry you through until the next appointment with your sports massage therapist. If you work out with any regularity and want to optimize your efforts: sports massage. I can definitely make a recommendation.

I think I get it now. Failure. I’m moving forward - smarter.

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