Hey, Body. I see you there...

The more I show up, the more I learn about myself. This body is heading into it’s 44th year of service and I feel pretty lucky with how things have been going. Lucky, because for most of the last almost 44 years I’ve really been taking advantage of what this body can do – just assuming that it will perform at will, on demand. Gah! Have you ever looked back on periods or events of your life and been like, "What in the ever loving... was I thinking?!"

It wasn’t until I started spending more time focusing on improving this body in specific ways, challenging this body with intention, listening to this body’s response to what it's been doing, that I really started to have an appreciation for it.

Took long enough.

The human body is truly amazing. Discipline will get you to the gym and through the workout, but consistency is how you learn about your body. Strength is important for activities of daily living. Depending on your life and lifestyle, yours may demand a higher level of strength. Be smart and make sure you're doing so with good form and safely - that means with a coach whether in person or remotely.

Training to lift heavy, to an outsider, may seem boring and monotonous but another perspective has one seeing the potential to focus and refine not just a skill, but themselves, their body. It’s an opportunity that, when approached smartly, can reap more rewards than mere physical strength.

Let's start moving.

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