The Other 23 Hours: Nutrition Challenges

It’s that time of year again!

The time of “Oh, it’s the holidays.” And “Just this once. Come the New Year I’ll start that diet/change my eating habits…” and the always fun “YOLO!!!”

And on and on.

Maybe this sounds like you or someone you know. Your gym or online groups may already be starting or advertising for various nutrition challenges.

Ever try one?

I say, go for it! Lots of the challenges help you gain insight on food, nutrition and how it relates to your body and your lifestyle.

Paleo, Zone, Whole 30, Keto, Gluten Free, all the diets that end in ‘-atarian’ just to name a few, usually lasting 30-90 days.

I had a gentleman come check out the gym several weeks ago and we got to talking about diet in relation to fitness. I think my words were, “Misery loves company.” Let’s face it, there IS that breaking-in period when you’re body is adjusting to new eating patterns that aren't so fun but are only temporary - dig deep and hang in there.

Another take-away is to use these nutrition challenges as a learning experience not a pass or fail experience. Have fun with your fellow challengers but also make sure you finish the challenge learning more about yourself.

What, within that Challenge worked for you? Was this a diet that is sustainable for you and your lifestyle or did you barely make it through the timeline?

For Example, the Whole 30 is a great diet but was a LOT for me to keep track of in my life and I had a hard time sticking to the guidelines. So, I modified it and took what I felt I could and wanted to focus on which was restricting and eliminating sugar from my diet. I knew that ONE thing would be pretty impactful since it seems EVERYTHING has sugar in it these days.

That was almost a year ago. Am I 100% sugar free? Very nearly. Do I read nutrition labels religiously? Almost.

Do I miss sugar and sugary foods?

My body really doesn’t but food is so mental and emotional that sometimes I do think I want a sugary treat. Heck, I’ll even go buy one, take a couple bites and “Nope.” I’m not really missing it as much as I thought and it’s not even close to being satisfying. Win!!!

The biggest struggle is mental.

Every. Time.

Sound familiar?

So, go into those Nutrition Challenges with your eyes open and finish mentally stronger.

The American diet is so commercialized and our busy lives give us a million and one excuses to not pay attention to what we eat.

Make this your best life starting now.

New habits take time.

Start the process now.

Join those challenges and use them as tools to find out what will work for you!

What do you think about Nutrition Challenges? Would you like to learn more about the basics of nutrition? A little knowledge can go a long way to life-long positive change.

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