The Other 23 Hours: real talk

Your goals.

Make them personal, meaningful, significant.

Nonspecific, vague goals make it really easy to blow off with a lame, vague excuse which digs yourself deeper into a hole of disappointment and defeat.

Achieving a goal takes commitment – do you want to commit to your goal? Is it specific and realistic?

Achieving a goal takes sacrifice – can you say “No” or “Maybe another time” and stick to your guns?

Achieving a goal takes discipline – you need to put in the work and be real when you don’t.

When described as above achieving goals doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, does it?

The journey is what you make it.

This pic reminds me of New Zealand:  beautiful to cycle/a deathwish with no shoulder and a tour bus coming around the corner at any second.  Good memories!

Will it be better to achieve your goal solo? Or, do you need to circle the wagons, gather your posse, your peeps, your squad and rally the troops to share your goal and ask for support? Either way is a win because it's what works for YOU. Goals worth achieving take time to cultivate and hone. Talk to someone you trust who can also be objective and then get started.

PS: there are no small or stupid goals. If you call out something as a goal treat it with respect and surround yourself with people who will do the same.

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