The Other 23 Hours: Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday.

Have you got yours?

The temperatures are trending down and the desire to feel cozy is getting stronger.

But, these goals you’ve set - rarely are they achieved while cozy, warm and snuggled up.

Rather, you must get up and work for it. There are days where you have to fight for that forward progress.

For some, simply knowing they need a good plan for diet and exercise is enough to get up and get going.

I am not one of those people. And, I don’t think I’m alone here.

I need a goal. A target. Because, funnily enough, doing the right thing isn’t motivation to get me out of a warm, cozy bed. An attainable goal, on the other hand, sees me getting up with an 0430 alarm – no problem.

Strange, how the mind works.

Maybe you can relate. I’m a work in progress though – aren’t we all? I’m learning to look and think more long range and base my short-range choices and actions accordingly. As a result, I’m seeing my lifestyle habits evolving – it’s happening, it can be done. It needs to because I want longevity, strength and mobility throughout my life. (Notice how I didn’t mention it was always easy and fun).

But, that’s my motivation source.

Something else that might work would be taking your health and fitness next-level. Oh, yeah!

Don’t just attend or attain membership, imbed yourself in what you’re involved in! There are two stand-outs to me that provide a fantastic opportunity to take you fitness, accountability and community involvement next-level.

The Backyard and Rowing on Whidbey (ROW) are two up and coming Non-profits that are in different stages of growth and development – just like you J. We have such a wealth of fitness opportunities on Whidbey and for these two group to take the time and energy to organize and offer these fitness and community building options – impressive stuff. Through monetary, or in-kind donations you could say, “Hey, I helped make this happen!” every single time you show up!

Do you know where your motivation comes from? It’ll be good to know when you’re on the road to developing your discipline – that’s coming up.

“If you are persistent, you will get it. If you are consistent, you will keep it.”

(I don’t know who said this but it rocks!)

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