Feet Series: start from the bottom.

Foot Nirvana. I spoke of this on my last post. Let's start taking baby steps (haha, pun intended) to getting there.

Easy Stuff:

  • Take your foot out of your shoe/slipper/sock for more hours of the day than you had previously.

  • Wiggle, and stretch those toes!

  • Bring heel up and balance as far as you can on the front of your foot and get a gooooood stretch across the bottom of your foot. You should feel a stretch – not pain.

  • I do this easy stuff specifically before a lifting session and at least daily.

Posture: start paying attention to it.

  • When you casually stand, is your weight balanced evenly on both feet?

  • Do you feel your weight on the center of your foot and not too far on your toes or back on your heels? Adjust as needed.

  • Are you toes pointed forward when you're standing?

Take it Outside:

  • If your feet are used to being encased all day it's not going to take much to fatigue them in

the early days. Case in point, I was barefoot at the beach at low tide over the summer.

  • I experimented with different textures and shapes for my feet to play on and boy, were my feet muscles tired, stiff and sore the next day – lesson learned: progression!

  • Even a few rounds of down and back on our cobblestone pavers can be enough to loosen up my feet and get the blood flowing.

  • Admittedly, this is more pleasant to do during the summer on sun warmed pavers...

Next Level:

  • Walking and resting on rocks is great but I save it for after a lifting session.

  • The rocks help articulate my joins and stretch the top of my foot.

A Note on Texture: the bottom of your feet can be very sensitive to texture, temperature, etc. If they haven't seen much of the light of day. A rough side walk or even smooth pavers can be sensory overload and feel really uncomfortable. Know this and adjust accordingly: wear socks or really flexible shoes as part of YOUR progression.

This foot stuff can be done outside the gym – because you've got 23 other hours of the day and a myriad of other ways to care for YOU outside of your gym workout.

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