What are you doing?

Just why ARE you doing that work out?

I need the “why” when I workout. My time is precious and if I’m going to workout I need to know that what I’m doing is taking me in the direction of my goals. Aimless movement is ok on rest days but Monday through Friday: that stuff has to make sense.

Two parts work and one part fun. That seemed like a good split to me today. Kettlebells: love them. I’ve been working on strength long enough to find those 35# bells pretty light so they are great for focusing on technique so, today, they were step one. The 54# kettlebell was practicing best technique because that mother was heavy. Lastly, a 35# dumbbell to round it out with snatches because those are just fun. For about three rounds…

Technique work, grind, fun. It’s a good combination to keep me coming back for more in pursuit of my goals. Also, and by the way, strength training isn’t exclusively barbells and bumper plates if you want to be well rounded and functional. And isn’t that what we all want? Whether you train for sport or you train for life you need to attack your weaknesses from a variety of angles. In either case, train with purpose.

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