Pick one thing to focus on.

We’ve been repeatedly hit with one tragedy after another over the past (many) weeks.

It’s devastating, heartbreaking and nearly unbelievable as people find themselves in a state of “More? Again? Another?”.

It can feel overwhelming.

You may have a feeling of helplessness, or frustration.

Or any combination of the above. Have those feelings, feel those feelings and own those feelings.

But, what to do? What do you do with all these feelings?

Give if you can give (be careful of scams).

Then, take those feelings and focus.


Bring it on in, and think about what change YOU can affect to do good, to be helpful, to assist, to raise awareness, to empower, to educate. Every single person has the ability to do those things.

It’s likely going to be on a small scale at first. And that’s OK – that is actually a great way to start!

It may seem inadequate. It isn’t.

It may seem silly to you and you may keep this one small thing to yourself. That’s ok too, but find the courage to share, with someone, in some way. It makes the act more real and can go a long way in keeping you focused and fired up.

Don’t over think this. Don’t make it harder than it needs to be.

But one focused act that’s accomplished leads to another.

Your accomplishments are growing. It can lead to more.

Don’t stop.

Keep going.

You got this.


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