And, just like that: Autumn.

Happy first day of Autumn! My favorite season of the year. The colors, the cooler weather, the coziness. Boots, scarves, coats – fleece! The time of year where everyone layers up to go outside and snuggling deeper under the covers is oh-so much more appealing than getting out of bed and working out. Here in the Pacific Northwest this phenomenon may last well into April…

But. There’s goals. And timelines.

And reality: my super cozy bed will be waiting for me tonight. It isn't going anywhere but I need to.

So, off I go.


It’s one of those days where you just need to show up because, you know, once you get started...

You just need to get started and you’ll be good to go. The past two weeks have been erratic with extra work days and inconsistent sleep patterns. With the new school year started, I am honestly still trying to find a workable, realistic routine.

We’re getting there.

The warm up begins: Cross Over Symmetry activation protocol. It’s early and chilly which makes a proper warm up all the more necessary. I’m in no hurry, focusing on the movement forces me to wake up. Today is accessory work within my strength training program then rowing later in the day – all fun stuff so no complaints from me. Every single rep I do today is supporting my heavy lifts tomorrow.

That’s part of my plan.

What's yours?

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