Start. Start! Start?

As I’ve begun to share the fact that Jon and I are trying to open our own personal training space/gym I’ve gotten so many different and interesting responses. Many have been this uncertainty of just plain not knowing where or how to start a fitness program let alone a strength building program. What does that even mean “the start”? We know that to be functional, contributing humans we need health, strength, and fitness. One look on the internet can be overwhelming and mind boggling. This can be intimidating and off-putting leaving you right back where you started.

Here’s a few different things to consider when deciding on your workout plan:

  1. Do what you like.

  2. This is always SUCH a good place to start and will help you narrow things down for yourself. Make a list of all the activities that you enjoy where you get a sweat on, have noticed that you get stronger, more flexible or even just happier when done on a consistent basis.

  3. ​Can you do that “thing” consistently?

  4. Do you like working out by yourself or in a group?

  5. This is pretty important to know about yourself.

  6. Don’t knock one without trying it though and in a couple different scenarios – you might surprise yourself.

  7. What’s available to you that will set you up for success?

  8. Be realistic.

  9. If you love kite surfing but don’t have access to a kite or surf during the week, this may not be on your regular workout plan but rather a weekend or day off event while the rest of the week is focused on the movements and skills to make you a stronger kite surfer that are done outside the water.

  10. Do you have specific goals?

  11. An athletic competition, or special event? Getting off diabetic or blood pressure medication? Staving off osteoporosis?

  12. These questions may very well be where the whole conversation begins.

The overarching point is to START having these conversations – with yourself, with your family, with your friends who will support you with professionals who can help you.

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