I have been receiving more and more inquiries about our gym, coaching, training, etc. and thought an update was more than due. As you can see in the picture: it's a process. We're currently beginning the permitting process for land use.

As in, I'd like to use this land as a business, please approve. Maybe we'll see you at the mandatory Community Meeting?

There are many hoops, but, I'm confident we'll jump through them all and come out the other side with good results.

In the meantime, we build. Those who've seen my Facebook page have seen that we've poured the floor in the barn and it is gorgeous!

So, why the website now?

I realized that Greenbank Strength and Performance isn't just a place, it is ME, it is US. We've been working out and coaching remotely and outside this summer and it has been so much fun and feels so unencumbered and more creative! And there is just too much too share and conversations to start to wait any longer.

So, let's get started.

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