This thumb.

I almost let it control my whole day.

I've been doing a lot of outdoor work lately and it's been too hot for gloves so now, my thumb is dried, deeply cracked and surprisingly quite painful (cue sarcastic boohoo-ing).

It's killed my motivation today.

And, no amount of positive self talk or funny, uplifting meme reading was turning this unmotivated bus around. You see, I'm a professional procrastinator. But THIS. Really? It's this Mickey Mouse covered owie that I have been letting win all morning while I do "other things" instead of lift.

My motivation is mercurial, fair weather, and can be easily distracted by shiny objects.

Maybe you can relate.

But my discipline.

My discipline has a backbone. It's tied to my goals. My discipline reminds me that I'm no quitter, gives me the reality check that I need. And so I get started, always with something easy and something I like. Not every workout is approached with a smile on my face or a skip in my step. But I’m dedicated to becoming the best version of myself. Because, once I begin, I know me, - I'll be all in.

Do you know you?

It's time to get started.

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