How you feel during your workout can vary from day to day. This may or may not be news to you.

And that's ok.

See this kettlebell and dumbbell (pictured)? They weigh the same.

I did a snatch emom (every minute on the minute) with this same dumbbell three days ago and it was awesome. I've really had a lot of fun with the dumbbell snatches since doing them in a partner competition last April - Age is Just a Number II in Port Angeles. Shout out to Kali Cone: Best Partner Ever!

I got up early (0430) because I'm working in Seattle today. Had a really great general warm up - -about 15 to 20 minutes and then I started warming up with the dumbbells.

Oh man, that 35# dumbbell felt SO heavy this morning! In fact, it felt so heavy I double checked (twice) to see that I didn't have the 40 or 45# dumbbell instead.


And suddenly, dumbbell snatches weren't sounding quite so fun...

Then there was the 35# kettlebell.

I had brought the 54# bell with the intention of using it but no way, uh uh. #35 was going to be plenty.

And so, a wod was formed: EMOM 10" of alternating 10 DB snatches 35# and 10 Russian KB 35# each minute. BUT, I would bring the intensity because I know I can swing that 54# KB.

Sounds fun – right?

It was! And I took the liberty of switching to the 54# KB after the third round. My DB snatches probably looked pretty on point since I was too tired to muscle it up there - I used a more powerful hip drive.

The wod was effective.

The stimulus was definitely achieved.

It wasn't what I had originally planned and that's OK. Lesson learned.


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