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Members of Greenbank Strength and Performance
put in the work.

Our Mission at GSP is to assist you in your life OUTSIDE the gym so your weekends are yours to get out there and use all the hard work you've put in during the week.  Active recovery days, endurance sports, yard work, home projects, competition, family time – LIFE!

Platform Ready Classes

Intro to Strength Training:  You've had your initial posture and movement assessment – let's get started. We'll begin with the basics of the lifting and build strength from there. Small group classes create a fun, safe, supportive environment to get strong.  A three times a week for four weeks (ish) class to learn the basics and get your body primed to get strong and lift big. Also, great for those returning to lifting or wanting to improve technique/performance.


Drop In Clinics:  Just looking for some constructive feedback on your lift(s), and or your program?  We have designated days we can alot for just this.  Come in and refine you lifts to keep progressing to meet those goals and those gains!

Schedule:  as available, email for more info.

Form Check:  Getting constructive feedback can be tough and while it would be ideal to make it into the gym for a Drop in Clinic for a real time experience, schedules don't always align.  Send us a video (we have criteria to follow for this) and you'll be making progress in no time.

Email for more info.