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Sherry Phay Greenbank Strength and Performance

Educational Experience:

RN, BSN:  Seattle University (1996)

Certified Pastry Chef: Seattle Central Community College (1999)

Crossfit Level 1 Trainer (2015)

Crossfit Judge (2015, 2016)

Crossfit: Scaling (2017)

USAW: Sport Performance (2016)

USPA:  Coach (August 2017)

Athletic Achievements:

Race at the RAC (2012): Finisher

Whidbey Island Half Marathon (2015): Finisher

Northwest Battle of the Beasts (2015): 1st place Masters Division

Ragnar Northwest Passage (2016 & 2017): Finisher

Age is Just a Number: (2016) 2nd place Individual, 2017 3rd place Partner

USPA State Record Holder: (2016 – Present) Masters 40-44 age division 81kg wt class and 98kg wt class

Sherry Phay Greenbank Strength and Performance
Sherry Phay Greenbank Strength and Performance
Sherry's Philosophy

It’s always been about empowering people.  To show, teach, give people the tools to make their life better - to feel more in control.  Strength and good health breeds self-confidence and independence that becomes part of your everyday life.  It’s a pretty powerful feeling.

I’ve worked in the medical field for decades and find the transition to coaching, athletics, health and fitness to be a natural evolution of my fascination with the human body.  As a coach, I am inspired to see athletes putting in the work to meet their athletic goals as much as I am seeing how increased strength and fitness positively effects member daily activities.

A late bloomer to competitive sports, as a Masters Athlete I’m loving competition and the highs and lows of the training process.  As a parent, spouse, employee, volunteer, daughter, just to name a few of my other roles – I want to achieve optimal health and longevity to keep up with the demands of life.  Just like you.  

Getting strong(er) and achieving good health takes time.  Let’s get started.