Train For Sport.

Train For Life.



Greenbank Strength & Performance (GSP) is about:

Coaching members to a more functional life to achieve longevity or next level athletic performance.

Elevating Fitness. As it applies to YOUR life.  We’ll help you set realistic measurable goals.  Holding members accountable increases the likelihood that goals will be met. You put in the work and GSP will support you every step of the way. We look forward to celebrating your success with you!

Creating Health and Wellness. Learn healthy habits that support performance inside the gym that you can apply out in the real world.

Greenbank Strength & Performance is for:

Everyone. Because no one has ever complained about being too strong.


Everyone who would like to live an independent life.

Everyone who would like to set a good example for and keep up with their kids.

Everyone. Strength, fitness and health does not happen overnight. We want to create a welcoming, supportive environment that members can rely on to be their resource to make lifestyle changes.



Sherry Phay Greenbank Strength and Performance
Sherry Phay


It’s always been about empowering people.  To show, teach, give people the tools to make their life better - to feel more in control.  Strength and good health breeds self-confidence and independence that becomes part of your everyday life.  It’s a pretty powerful feeling.



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